The Position: The Federal Defender Office for the Districts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island is hiring a full-time defense investigator for its Massachusetts office, based in Boston.

What We Do: The Federal Defender Office is a government law office that provides legal representation to persons charged with committing federal crimes who cannot afford to hire an attorney. We are appointed to represent the accused upon arrest and through the completion of all appeals, including the U.S. Supreme Court and federal habeas corpus review. Charges we defend against include economic crimes, child pornography crimes, drug offenses, weapons offenses, immigration offenses, and violent crimes.

Who We Are: We are committed to cultivating a culture of acceptance and connectedness that honors the diverse backgrounds of the people we represent. We employ attorneys, paralegals, defense investigators, information technology specialists, and legal assistants. We work together to uphold every person’s right to be presumed innocent and to a fair sentence if convicted. We provide a vigorous defense at trial and, if the defendant is convicted, on appeal. We advocate for humane sentences by developing mitigation evidence and presenting judges with fully developed views of our clients as people, not criminals.

Who You Are: We value diversity and a commitment to equality, and we believe better representation occurs when members of the defense team have diverse backgrounds and experiences. In recruiting members of our team, we welcome the full spectrum of humanity. We embrace the unique contributions that you can bring in terms of your culture, ethnicity, education, opinions, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, religion, disability, economic status, and sexual orientation. We are interested in your talent, intelligence, dedication, persistence, and desire to see all people treated fairly and respectfully, no matter the allegation or circumstance.

What the Job Requires: A minimum of three years of investigative, criminal justice, or comparable experience. Working knowledge of investigative principles, practices, methods, and techniques. Experience working with diverse groups of people, such as economically disadvantaged people, people with emotional or mental health challenges, and those from disenfranchised communities. The ability to keep confidences and protect relevant legal privileges. The ability to use technology to review and organize information, to collect and analyze records and data, and to present information to team members, jurors, judges, and others in the criminal justice system. The ability to advocate, as part of a team, for those accused of committing federal crimes. The ability to write and speak clearly and persuasively.

What We Hope For: Experience working as a member of the defense team advocating for people accused of committing a crime. A working knowledge of court procedure and rules. A desire to stand up for those with few resources, and the demonstrated ability to do so in the face of considerable power and influence. A commitment to the humanity in the people accused, even when the evidence against them appears strong. Considerable resourcefulness, initiative, creativity, and compassion. Spanish fluency.

What a Defense Investigator Does: Assist in determining the scope, timing, and direction of investigation. Review, analyze, and summarize information and case-related documents using various technology. Use computer hardware and software to write reports, create databases, and produce graphics and videos. Present information in written and verbal form to attorneys and other defense team members. Communicate openly and empathically with the accused client, the client’s family, and case-related witnesses. Locate witnesses and conduct interviews, including defense witnesses, prosecution witnesses, and expert witnesses. Assist in preparing clients and witnesses for testimony. Arrange witness travel and logistics. Locate, view, and/or retrieve relevant materials and objects for use as evidence. Photograph, or otherwise document, persons, places, and things for pretrial, trial, and sentencing litigation. Investigate the backgrounds of clients and case-related witnesses, including for educational, medical, psychological, familial, and criminal history related information. Assist attorneys in pretrial, trial, and sentencing proceedings. Give sworn testimony and assess the testimony and credibility of other witnesses. Create sentencing videos or written submissions meant to lessen the client’s sentence or other exposure.

How to Apply: Send a resume and cover letter describing your qualifications and why you are interested in working with us to HRBoston@fd.org. We are an equal opportunity employer. Applications will be accepted through August 10, 2020.

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